Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Photography... Not expensive, it's priceless... Pt1... of many!

Funny thing time, I always seem to remember things as having happened just recently when in fact they took place years ago... I know, I know it's an age thing! I've said before if I remember to bring the shopping home I've done well...

Anyway I opened the local Chamber of Commerce magazine this month, looked through the articles as I usually do and stopped... below was a shot I recognised.

I remember this shoot well, the rushed deadline (aren't they always), a late Friday afternoon appointment (always a great time for interaction and expression!) and being interested in the company's role in supporting the National Lottery ( I even put a ticket on that week, thought perhaps the gods would be kind... but no luck... typical!).

It was important to fit the layout... I had a quick look at them as I wrote this as I still have them on file... as this was part of a longer series. I struggled to suppress some nasty green fluorescents in the roof without switching off all the lights and provoking all manner of "anti-photographer" outbursts and managed to hit city rush hour traffic without trying... Friday night, trying to cross The Tyne... oh joy...

However the thing I'd forgotten was that this was 5 years ago... and the Ad is being run again!

So when earlier this week I had another client comment on the cost of photography I had to point out the value and the benefit it brings... well it does if it's mine!

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